Thursday, March 31, 2011

motion list NPEDC X @ Palembang

NPEDC X Motion
1. A welfare system ought to place a higher value on creating jobs than on providing subsidies
2. This House believes that releasing state assets to the market will help to stabilize the economic crisis.
3. This house would financially support underage pregnant mothers

1. This house believes that past crimes should not be admissible as evidence at a trial
2. This house believes that riots and destruction in the defense of liberty is justifiable
3. This house believes that cultural punishment should be legal for indigenous people in isolated area.

1. This house would ban DNA databasing
2. This house would ban artificial reproduction technologies to trigger parents to adopt children.
3. That surveillance technology should be legalize

1. This house believes that files of the former secret policy should remain secret
2. This house believes that the United States government should subsidize Twitter to liberalize oppressed societies
3. That the independence of southern Sudan will create more harms than good.

World at War
1. This house believes in pre-emptive military action.
2. This house would release those who are convicted of heinous crimes to join military service in time of war
3. That amnesty should never be offered to war criminals

Social Problem
1. This house believes that affirmative action to remedy the effect of discrimination is justified
2. This house believes that drug testing is mandatory in secondary schools
3. This house would ban all forms of religious gender discrimination

1. This house would teach all religion subjects at school.
2. This house believes that Canon Law should be valued over national law.
3. This house believes that western secular countries should allow religious symbol at their state’s school

Government affair
1. This house would use Direct State Funding for Political Parties to Finance Their Electoral and Non-Electoral Activities
2. This house would Prohibit Political Parties From Receiving Foreign Donations
3. This house would fund religious institutions to fight against terrorism

1. This house believes that FIFA Should No Longer Embrace Human Error And Apply Technology Within Their Refereeing
2. This house believes that performance-enhancing drugs are prohibited
3. This house would not endorse naturalization

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