Monday, November 7, 2011

wireless modem on ubuntu

I'm INDONESIAN. I've tried ubuntu oneiric ocelot (11.10), this version was the next generation of unity. this ubuntu version was nice for me. using this oneiric ocelot make me easier to connect to the internet.
i also have a wireless modem from huawei. this modem was built up from smartfren EC1260-2.
when i use windows, i have to install first the driver. the first time i use oneiric ocelot on my netbook, it's quite strange, because i did not familiar with the dock. i also happy when i plug my wireless modem with smartfren card. in the top right, i found connection drop down, and the modem was detected. i just need to edit connection, put username and password from the provider and i can automatically connect to the internet.
oneiric ocelot was fun.

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