Monday, November 21, 2011

my first e-commerce

relatively new to e-commerce. i got the inspiration from, that is my teacher's online shop about handicraft. i motivated to make the same thing but in the different path. OK, here is the scenario.
i have a friend which has a store in tanah abang, jakarta. he wants to expand his business using online method. i offer him using e-commerce. he agreed, and  i start to googling how to make an e-commerce website. i found os-commerce. it is easy to get, free source, easy implemented, so i download the source, edit and upload to the webhosting. after uploaded, i continue to the instalation. the instalation is quite simple, i create a new database using mysql which is provided by webhosting. free webhosting of course. after creating database, usernama, password, etc. i install the source, connecting to the database, and the e-commerce website is running. there are so many modification that should i do, because my friend's business is about fashion, clothes, especially for children. i change all of the part of the products in the source became fashion.
here is the website i made for my friend.

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