Saturday, March 19, 2011

The second day in Palembang

ga banyak yang bakal diceritain, langsung liat aja fotonya!

opening ceremony. really wasting time

boring face from the audience inside POLSRI's hall

some people pay attention to the speaker, some people doing photograph, and I'm facebooking and tweeting :)

the boring one

one of the audience wanna go out of the hall :D

the cutest one...from surabaya :*

some people getting sleep in hall, also me ):

behind my team, the left is poltek kemenkes surabaya, the right one is poltek batam
start from the right: janet, anisa and lisa from poltek batam. marta, yales and dita from poltek kemenkes surabaya. dita...the cutest one...OMG :*

Director of POLSRI

girl on the line, wearing purple suit is Mia...cinta satu malam from poltek media kreatif jakarta

I'm busy, facebooking and tweeting :)

3 out of 5 looking at camera


3 out of 4 still staring at the camera

yessy with her blackberry

and again, 3 out of 5 staring at DSLR

rusda always staring at the camera...I'm still busy facebooking and tweeting

my friends from poltek batam. lisa (left) and anisa (right)

my friends from poltek kemenkes surabaya. marta (right), yales (mid), dita...the cutest ever (left) :*

here we go.... OMG.... yales and dita :*

and the camera is mine.....LOL what are you looking at huh?

full color poltek around indonesia. orange (poltek kemenkes jakarta), yellow (poltek jakarta), green (poltek padang), light blue (poltek bangka belitung)

dessy with her mobile and breakfast

yessy, rusda and me...still waiting speech from people on the stage...WTF

and the opening ceremony begin

cream colored suits are from poltek bali and of course I forget their name.

can you see the note? that's my friend's email :)

the first game, yessy as the 1st speaker, rusda as the 2nd speaker and I'm the last speaker

my friends and also my opponent in this 1st game. start from the left, Anisa, Lisa and Janet

Lisa from poltek batam in action

Mr Rahmat as a chair. adju in this game

I'm and yessy, rusda is on the stage

we're in the room number 11

and this is the players

POLBAN in NPEDC X Palembang

dessy was so serious facebooking...LOL

the time for anisa from poltek batam to speak

Lisa and Janet

my turn

waiting the announcement from adju. who's the winner?

come on guess! who's the winner in the 1st game POLBAN vs Poltek BATAM? after you see such this emotion

and in the 1st very begining day, I met my old friend...gita. It's been a long time, since we met in Bali 2009...Bali in love

gita, me, yessy and dessy....what a world

I'm and yessy

dessy, bayu and rusda

erry the paparazzi

rusda, erry and bayu

start from left. before go back to hotel dessy, erry, yessy, bayu and of course ME

POLSRI's school bus with other debaters

almost forgot. both team and adju in the 1st game

sweat everybody sweat
that's all for the 2nd day in Palembang. next post, 3 games in a day. facing poltek bangka belitung, poltekes bengkulu and poltek jakarta.

in the first game, polban as the winner facing poltek batam.
with close margin. 1, so we have 1 victory point, and 1 margin.
facing poltek bangka belitung, we lose 2 margin, so the margin become -1
facing poltek bengkulu, we win with 4 margin, so the margin become 3
facing poltek jakarta, we lose again with 3 margin, so the margin become 0.
I'll post more photos in the next post. happy reading, I hope it motivates you all

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