Saturday, March 19, 2011

3rd day in Palembang

the 3rd day in palembang or the 2nd day in debate. we still have 1 margin, 1 victory point. and in this position we will face Poltek Bangka Belitung
in this second game, yessy as the 1st speaker, dessy as the 2nd and I'm the last speaker. Rusda has been replaced by dessy.

this is dessy as the 2nd speaker from POLBAN

debaters from bangka belitung. start from left. Adek, Hadrian and Julia.

Adek rahayu from poltek bangka belitung

POLBAN's debaters

there are so many picture of adek rahayu...It's cause by erry the paparazzi

coach from poltek bangka belitung watching the game

and of course, staring at the camera -,-

Bayu and Rusda as the observer

Me, Yessy and Dessy

while waiting the announce from adju, take a picture first

bandung and bangka belitung

but in this game. poltek bandung lose. it cost 2 margin, so polban -1.
the next game, facing poltekes bengkulu


Rusda and Me. while waiting Dessy on the stage

Dessy in action

we're still sad about losing margin...become -1

yessy also. in this game, yessy replaced by rusda

the stage is mine

the speaker from poltekes bengkulu. we're talking about 'teaching all religious subject'. with header about scularism

debater from poltekes bengkulu

waiting for reply speaker from the negative team of the house finish chit chat...LOL

debaters from poltekes bengkulu

rusda on the stage

standing team and adju

back to the hall.

after getting margin from poltekes bengkulu.
1st game, we win for close margin from batam. the margin is 1
2nd game, we lose for 2 margin facing bangka belitung. the margin is -1
3rd game, we win for 4 margin facing bengkulu. the margin in 3

I think, bayu become paparazzi too...LOL



happy lunch. I'm the paparazzi :D


other debaters

the tabulation when we lose 2 margin. and the margin become -1

we're on the 10th position after getting 4-1 = 3 margin.

full team from poltekes bengkulu
and, the last game in the day. we face poltek jakarta. we lose 3 margin, and the margin become 0

facing poltek jakarta

poltek jakarta

dessy and yessy

yessy's turn. but we lose in this game...actually, my team believe that we'll win. but the adju say no. WTF

soon after facing poltek jakarta, and the margin become 0

standing team. bandung and poltek jakarta

the good news is that about musi and ampera bridge.
it's show time

going to the museum benteng kuto besak. in front of canon.

they are going crazy to go to the ship and start sailing musi river.

Dessy, Yessy and Mr Danny still in benteng kuto besak

adding bayu shop...

I forgot what is this building. but I'm happy to be here.

Dessy, rusda, me, yessy and bayu. erry as the paparazzi

Yessy, solo carrier

full team. I don't remember, who's taking picture.

with other...I can't remember all of the debaters...
as far as i remember. 1st noni, gadis persahabatan. 2nd Dita from surabaya, 3rd gita, my old friend. and also batam's debaters lisa, anisa and janet....LOL

I took this picture. who is this guy wearing helmet in the ship? WTF

bayu, took a picture

here we go...Ampera bridge and Musi river...cinta satu malam



on the ship

with me

dessy and ampera

bayu and ampera

erry and ampera

art of blur. there's dita....hi dita :*

again... :*

what a beautiful

the art of clear. team and ampera

again and again

so many picture in this ampera and musi...

yessy again

polban and poltek telkom

bangka belitung


dinner time on board

some debaters having dinner

the team

poltek batam (janet, anisa and lisa) and me

surabaya, polpos, polman, poltek telkom, polban

crazy on board

full of debaters

bandung race

this is what i said, the art of blur...WTF

I'm tired, uploading all of the files

adding poltek media kreatif. purple suit

and again

yessy and rusda

who is this? LOL

smell is so bad, when the ship close to this factory

some debaters

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