Thursday, June 6, 2013

the begining (about drilling and other stuff)

its been one and half years working in drilling company. actually it is under drilling group and as part of Oil Field Services segment. this company based on serving oil company in drilling the well, oil and gas well.
it looks weird when an electronic diploma working in "drilling stuff", but it is not as simple as you drill water well. this kind of drilling, water well drilling much simpler. you just drill as deep as you can until the water comes up. thats it. 
drill the oil well is a bit different. the first thing you have to do is do the survey. you have to do this before drilling the well to find the high possibility where oil and gas exist.
how? there are another services to do this job. seismic services. this seismic services company do the survey onshore and also offshore to find the high potential of oil and gas. after the seismic did their job, then we can know the area where the "black gold" exist.
after you find the area, then it is the job for drilling services to start drill the well.
preparing the rig and another equipments and start drilling, of course there are planning before doing anything regarding oil and gas exploration. planning to drill the well, what kind of equipment we need to drill hard rock, soft rock, possibility of hydrogen sulfide etc.
so, what kind of stuff do we need to drill the oil well? then the simple thing is drill bit,motor, drill string/drill pipe and top drive.
drill bit. of course you need this to break the rock and other hard stuff inside the earth.
motor. stator and rotor inside motor to rotate the drill bit. 
drill string. to connect the drill bit to surface.
top drive. to rotate the whole part, including bit, motor and also drill string.
then you drill the well until the depth you plan.

so what are you doing? you are diploma in electronic and you are working with this kind of stuff? where is the resistor, transistor and another freaking stuff? hell yeah this is not as simple as we think before.
this drilling activities, need some sensors to measure, to control and providing information about the rock inside the earth.

i'll continue about how we measure, control and providing information about the formation. we call it formation for the rock inside the earth. 

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