Saturday, March 26, 2011

bandung navigator

in the morning of this saturday I got a call from my father and also my aunt. but, a missed call from my aunt
while I took a shower. my father said that my aunt from tangerang came to bandung today. and at 8 am my aunt has been arrived
at bandung.

I have to go to pasteur street. and I've been confused how to i got there, because theres no public transport
to that street. except i use taxi. finally i got a motorcycle from my friend febri. so i borrow that motorcycle, so I can go to
pasteur street, to take my aunt and also my sister and brother. they brought their own car, so i became navigator in bandung.
the first place, of course my room in ciwaruga, gegerkalong. my aunt so shock after seeing my room...what the heck...LOL
because it almost duhur, we go to the mosque, take a worship and getback to my room.
after duhur, the destination is ITB because my brother want to go there. especificially is FTTM or mining and oil faculty in ITB.
after that place, we went to salman ITB, but there's a call from my uncle to go to ASTON Hotel.
we need to pick him up. and also ashar worship. after that, the time for travelling. we went to kartika sari, sarinah building, big mosque,
and went to tangerang. at ten 30, we arrived at home. THATS IT

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