Sunday, January 30, 2011

some pictures Dago CFD

pict-1. me (left), fedy
on Dago CFD spot. from 7 till 10am.
thanks to sofia eka putri as photographer.
actually there are a lot of picture that  sofia eka putri got from this spot, but i can't upload them all. so, here are the best 15 pictures based on me, check this out

beautiful girl with bike

there are 2 intruders...white shirts

from left , yuyus, gama, arief, galih, me

beautiful girl with her bike from alko (Bandung volley ball group )

this is it....bloody love it

please come IN

i love this one

standing, from left to right: gama, ricky, dea, ratna, arief, me, deni
squat, from left to right: fedy, uminx, insan, nur, yuyus, galih

from aside


also, team...almost full team. with Sofi as photographer

adding uway (mottle, right)

team, with 2 intruders...WTF


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